Busy Day

Happy Saturday! Today was a super busy day for me and my family. I was busy running around & packing because I am off to Punta Cana tomorrow morning!

... But of course I had time for a quick selfie!
My first stop of the day was to my optometrist. Recently I have been getting crazy bad headaches on a daily basis, and it takes a second or two for my eyes to focus. I was getting frustrated with daily headaches so I thought a stop at the eye doctor was a smart idea. I quickly learned that I need glass for reading, school work or for being on my computer... I'm not too happy, but I'm happy that glasses will solve my headache problem. (I am able to pick up my glasses in about 10 days!)

These are the Ray Ban frames that I picked out!
Next stop was a trip to the nail salon for pedicures with my sister and Momma Murdock! The massage chairs are heavenly and it was nice to be pampered and relax for an hour. I got China Glaze's "Pool Party" on my toes with a white flower. It's a neon pink with red undertones and I thought it would be perfect for my vacation.

Yet another selfie, but this time it's with my sister!
We then picked up the boys (my younger brother and dad) and went to Menchies to get some frozen yogurt as a special treat. Since we fly out on Mother's Day, we celebrated today and my mom was craving Menchies. If you have not had Menchies, you are SO missing out! It is THE BEST frozen yogurt ever, and I am not really a fan of frozen yogurt, so that is saying something!

The Murdock FamJam's Menchie Creations!
My family then came home to order in Kelsey's for dinner (I had no idea you could order Kelsey's...) and pack! I am the definition of an over packer. I am defiantly not a light traveller, so the fact that the airline we are flying out on is limiting me to 44 pounds (rather than the typical 50 pounds) is very stressful! I weighed my suitcase tonight and it was 33 pounds without toiletries... I might have to cut down on the number of hair products and the amount of make-up I bring!

My JUMBO suitcase & carry on bag!
Sorry for all of the iPhone pictures in this post! I plan on blogging every day while I'm down in Punta Cana (good wifi permitting), so stay tuned!

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