My Nail Polish Collection!

Hi, My name is Ashleigh and I am a nail polish addict! I love love love love nailpolish. I paint my nails atleast 4 times a week, and I can't say no, when it comes to buying nail polish. It is so hard for me to turn a colour down, and I always justify it by saying "I don't have anything like this one yet!" .. I then proceed to purchase the nail polish, bring it home, use it immediately and chuck it in the bucket with the rest of my nail polish collection. I then discover that I have atleast 15 shades of pink that are oh so similar.. but really.. what's one more? 

I really want to invest in acrylic nail polish racks, because I think it is such a pretty and convenient way to store/display nail polish. But since I am in university, and renting an apartment, they don't allow me to put any holes in the walls. So for now, my beloved pink bucket will have to do!

I thought it would be fun to show off my nail polish collection. I have over 80 different nail polishes, but I picked the larger brands and none of my random/mini sample bottles to show you (I took over 60 pictures, but deleted ones that did not show up well on camera)! In total, there are 50 pictures below, so just a little over half of my collection. The colours in my pictures are pretty close to the actual colour of the polish, although some neon, holographic and glittery polishes aren't as accurate. (NOTE: The Nicole by OPI bottles didn't photograph very well, due to the slant on the front of the bottle - SORRY!)

But without a further a due, here is my collection! 

Top (From Left to Right) - Be-Claus I Said So, My Chihauhua Bites, Stiletto Red
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Red Shatter, A Ruby For Rudolph, California Coral
Top (From Left to Right) - Marmalade, Celtic Sun, Mellow Yellow
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Gargantuan Green Grape, My Lifesaver, Fly
Top (From Left to Right) - Baby Blue, Pacific Blue, Blue Me Away
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Frostbite, Dating A Royal, Blue Shatter

Top (From Left to Right) - Bikini So Teeny, Lapiz of Luxury, Lacey Lilac
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Purple With A Purpose, Prized Posession Purple, Honk If You Love OPI
Top (From Left to Right) - Play Date, Significant Other Color, Jamaica Me Crazy
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Casino Royale, Wild Strawberry, It's All Greek to Me

Top (From Left to Right) - Big Spender, Stolen Kisses (Matte), Something About Spring
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Angel, Shocking Pink, Flip Flop Fantasy
Top (From Left to Right) - Bachlorette Bash, Ballet Slippers, Mademoiselle
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Strobe Light, Rage, Ingrid
Top (From Left to Right) - The Next CEO, Bring On The Bling, Silver Shatter
Bottom (From Left to Right) - Nothing Else Metals, Wet Cement, White Shatter
I have never been a fan of using a "Bottom Coat" but recently my nails have been suffering, so I picked  up this Orly top & bottom coat at Sally's Beauty, & it seems to be doing it's job! For a top coat, Revlon's Colorstay Top Coat is by far my favourite drugstore top coat. It leaves your nails super glossy, and If I wanted to, I could get away with no chips for 3 - 4 days! As you can see, I almost need a new bottle!

So that is my nail polish collection! What is your favourite nail polish? Leave a comment and let me know, because I might just have to check it out!