Just A Little Retail Therapy!

Yesterday I crossed the border, and went shopping in Buffalo with my mom. It was alot of fun, and the prices were amazing, as per usual! I thought it would be cool to blog about what I got, so I went on a little walk to the park with my sister this morning, and did a mini photoshoot! It is a gorgeous day outside today & it was fun, although there were a tonne of kids running around, which made it kinda awkward. But anyways, here is what I got!

I got this dress at Macy's - It is from the designer Bar III & it was $69.99
I am going to wear this dress to my cousin's wedding, which is going to be on the beach in Punta Cana!
I got this dress from JC Penny, & it was $35.00
The main reason I got this dress was for me to wear it to Taylor Swift's RED Tour Concert (with curly hair & my cowgirl boots of course!), but I also think that I can wear this dress to work with a blazer on top!
I got this dress from Target, & i was $18.00
I think it's just a super cute summer dress that I can wear on top of my bathing suit, or just throw my jean jacket on top to run errands on a weekend or something.

This shirt is from Forever 21, & it was $16.00
I think it's super cute, and has a country vibe to it. I have tickets for a country msuic festival that's in august, and I think it'll be fun to wear there!

This shirt is from Garage & it was $17.00
I got this super cute Coach iPhone5 case at the Coach Outlet store in Lundy's Lane for $29.00 

I think that my feet are disgusting, but here are the three pairs of shoes that I bought! If you were wondering, the nailpolish that I am wearing on my toes is "Frostbite" by ChinaGlaze!

I never thought the words "Cute" & "Crocs" would ever go in the same sentance! But I LOVE these, they are the Adriana Flat by Crocs, & they were $34.00

I got these Steve Madden Sandels at DSW for $35.00
I thought that they were super cute for spring & summer!
These are some gorgeous Bandalino heels, that I got a DSW! I actually own these shoes in silver, & I wore them to my prom two years ago, but they are SO comfy, & I thought the nude would be perfect for me to wear to work everyday. I got them on sale for $44.00
So that is everything that I got! I love hauls, and seeing what everyone else buys, so I hope you enjoy this post! 

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